Our Translator

We only work with certified professional translators who are native speakers and subject matter experts in the field(s) in which they translate. To work with us translators must have a degree in linguistics, or minimum 5 years proven experience. 

What are the qualities of a professional translator?


In addition to a high level of language skills in both the source and target language, a professional translator must also possess knowledge of the cultural norms, nuances, ambiguities, humour or irony and transfer them from one language into another. The mark of a skilled translator is being able to localise a piece of content as well as translate it.

Writing skills

Good writing skills are essential for translators. A skilled translator doesn’t simply translate word for word – they read and understand the entire context of a written piece then translate it so that it flows and reads as though it was originally written in the language into which it is being translated. The ability to convey thoughts into words is essential when translating both literary and technical texts. Willingness to experiment with words and the ability to express ideas in a concise way (particularly when faced with word limitations) are also important.

Cultural knowledge

A good translator needs to have a deep understanding of both source and target cultures. They need to understand cultural value systems and how people view the world, as well as culture-specific characteristics like pastimes and customs.

Subject matter experts

As a translator, it’s important to have familiarity with the content’s subject matter. Whether it’s a medical or financial document, it’s very important that the translator has experience and knowledge in the field. This will ensure the quality of the translation is of a high standard and there are no contextual mistakes. The translator should have a full understanding of the industry they are translating for as well as an awareness of the right terminology associated with this field. Great medical translation requires extensive medical knowledge, while an expert legal translator must be thoroughly versed in legal jargon, and a contract translator must be familiar with each and every expression specific to their field. If a translator has no understanding of, say, the process of pinetisation in their own language, they won’t be able to translate foreign language material on the subject.

Research skills

Translators must have the willingness and capacity to research. Often the client will provide notes to guide the translator but extra research is regularly required in order to translate documents to a high quality. Translators are always researching things – wording, meanings, vocabulary, jargon and background information.


An experienced translator will have good organisational skills, patience and the ability to handle stress.

We therefore collaborate exclusively with dependable professionals with extensive subject-matter experience who are native speakers of the target language.