How Telecoms Benefit From Telecommunication Translation Services

Did you know AT&T, the biggest telecommunications company in the world, operates in more than 120 countries? Telecommunication companies, like AT&T, connect our world digitally. Their success and efficient operation are vital to a stable international economy.

The international success of telecommunication companies rests on effective telecommunication translation. 

Language barriers can cause embarrassment in the best-case scenario and a loss of business in the worst-case scenario.

To avoid language faux pas or a loss of business due to translation errors, you need the services of a professional telecommunication translation company. 

Keep reading to learn how telecoms benefit from telecommunication translation. 

What is Telecommunication Translation? 

Telecommunications translation is a specialised category of translation that serves the telecommunications industry. Like all specialised businesses, a telecommunications company uses terminology and jargon specific to their business. A telecommunications translator understands the ideas in the telecommunications industry so well they can adequately translate them to another language. 

Translation means more than just a word-for-word translation. It also means translating the idea. To adequately translate telecommunication ideas and concepts, a translator needs to understand the cultures that he’s translating from and to. 

This is where telecommunication translation services come in. You want more than just a Google translation service. 

How is Telecommunication Translation Different From Business Translation? 

Business translation services focus on business jargon and techniques. They’re a broader picture of translation services. 

Telecommunication translation deals with anyone that has connections to the telecommunications world. So they’re a more precise type of translator. 

A good telecommunications translator will work for hardware manufacturers, telecommunications providers, and just about any company that provides the most current telecommunications technology out there. 

So when you need a company with expertise in translating terms like LAN or DSL, you should start looking for a language translation service that specialises in telecommunications. 

Why Should I Hire a Professional Telecommunication Translation Service? 

You know that a professional telecommunication translation service will do a great job translating for your telecom company. But when you begin exploring your options, the cons of a professional telecommunication translation service will stand out like a sore thumb. 

The Cost

For one, you should plan on paying more for certified, professional translation services. Translation rates vary but will cost between £200 and £240 on average depending on the size of the job. 

A reputable translation company will ask you about the job you want to be translated before they tell you how much they will charge. They may estimate their cost on a per-word basis or per-job basis. The more specialised the job, the higher the cost. 

So you can imagine a telecommunication translation will not come cheap. 

However, when you consider the cost of a professional translation service for your business, you need to consider all costs. Not everything will cost money, after all. 

Reputation and Branding

Many companies have suffered a tarnished reputation because of a poor translation.

Take American Motors for example. In the 1970s they named one of their more popular cars the ‘Matador,’ which immediately brings to mind this noble picture of a bullfighter. In Puerto Rico, however, ‘matador’ translates to ‘killer.’ 

You can imagine the effect on American Motors’ reputation in Puerto Rico when they unveiled their new car, the Killer. 

Businesses live and die according to their reputations. One misstep, be it humorous or insulting, and you will find your business the subject of every meme on social media. 

Professional telecommunication translators understand the cultures they’re dealing with. They can translate the technical language of your telecommunications business while staying sensitive to the cultures for which they’re translating. 

A professional translations service will also help you establish and maintain your branding among other countries. If they understand your branding in your original language, they can then translate it to the culture they’re translating to. So you can maintain consistent branding no matter which people speak about your company. 


If you hire a professional telecommunications company and stick with that same company, you’ll find yourself with consistent service. If you attempt to have your techs or technical writers use Google translator to translate some instructions, you will not have the same, consistent service that you would with some pros. 

Professional, certified translators will be native speakers and often residents of the country for which you need a translation. They see and understand the changes in the language, and they can shift the words they choose to meet the changing nuances of the language. 

Consider even English and how words like ‘sweet’ have gone from talking about something sugary to something great in the world of slang. Even English has its idiosyncrasies like that. A translator who is translating something into English would understand that if he said ‘biscuit,’ he’d be talking about two very different things if he was talking to speakers from both Britain and America. 

Professional translation services will maintain consistency and thus provide clear communication for your telecom company. 


Because professional, certified translators understand the cultures for which they’re translating, they double as marketing experts. They know which ideas will work in a culture and which will fail miserably. So when you have a native, professional translator, you receive a two-for-one deal with a translator and marketing insider. 

Let Your Telecom Communicate Clearly

For your telecom company to communicate clearly in the international business world, you need to use a telecommunication translation company. Do not settle for Google translator or your HR guy who spends his weekends messing around with Rosetta Stone for fun. 

A professional translation service will serve you best. We are that translation service.

For all of your telecommunication translation needs, contact us. We would love to help you.