Transcription and transliteration

In business activity, in contacts with other markets and other languages one can meet difficulties related to spelling and the pronunciation of names. If there exists an approved and recognised equivalent in the target language – the case is simple and we have the problem of translating it off our head. For example the translation of the names of New York or George Washington to Polish does not require inflecting them as there exist their Polish equivalents: Nowy Jork and Jerzy Waszyngton. But what to do when no such equivalent exists?

In such cases the services of transcription and transliteration are very useful. Transcription is a manner of translation which consists in keeping the sound of the original language with the use of letters of the target language. Transliteration, on the other hand, is a technique of similar use but instead of sound we maintain the graphical form of a specific word, using the letters available in the alphabet of the language we translate to – for example when we need to write a Russian name with the use of the Latin alphabet.

Our translation agency deals with all kinds of language nuances at the highest professional level.