Branding and brand image are of great importance to companies. What is the role of branding in translation? When a company does not pay due attention to translations, this can have a very negative impact on its image in other markets. Branding in translation is not just the translation of the slogan or advertising materials, but knowledge of the target customer and industry.

For this reason:

We carefully select translators for each job, in accordance with their experience and industry knowledge. This means that the translation entrusted to us will be done by a person who knows branding and marketing, the terminology, and the target group, all of our translators are native speakers of the target language, which is an absolute condition for the highest quality translation.

What else do we take into account?

Style and tone – understanding the target group is of essential importance, similar to the aim of the message.
Different types of translation require different types of approaches. Legal translations mainly entail the faithful translation of the original. Marketing translations require freestyle thoughts, the skill of relaying an intention, idea, not a word-for-word translation.

Many translation projects require many different skills of the translator, for example, experience in the field and creative writing skills. A seemingly simple translation of a food product package is a complex task: on the one hand, the list of ingredients should be translated in accordance with the original, while the product advertisement sometimes needs to be written “from scratch” so that it becomes attractive to a new group of recipients.

The use of special symbols and fonts.