Military Translations

Military translation is a highly specialised sector, spanning hundreds of languages and dialects, and encompassing a vast range of industry-specific procedures, terms and acronyms.

Incorporating the armaments industry, air defence, cyber defence, aviation and space research, as well as international strategies for deployment in a variety of hostile situations (both manned and unmanned) – the theatre of defence is incredibly varied and far-reaching.

Consequently, military translation is equally complex, requiring nothing less than native, professional translators with expertise in the language and terminology of governmental defence disciplines and political documentation, as well as military vehicle specifications.

Military translations require an intricate understanding of designations, acronyms and appropriate code names, which can only be delivered by experts in the field. Our specialists bring that depth of technical expertise to every project, alongside extensive scientific, economic and health & safety knowledge.

At Lingonika Translation Agency each client is treated as an individual, and their unique requirements given specialised, detailed consideration.

Military documentation

Military translating involves much more than replacing a word with its equivalent in another language – sentences and ideas must be manipulated to flow with the same coherence as those in the source document, so that the translation reads as though it originated in the target language.

Similarly, retaining the correct meaning of complex designators is vital to the translation of military documentation, be it medical, tactical or otherwise.

Statistical information pertaining to system specifications, ordnance range and wearable technologies (to name but three) are commonplace too, which is why our military translators are extremely well versed in all matters relating to the sector.

When nothing less than highly technical, precise delivery, in the language of every partner in a defence contract will do, it is vital you have the right translation agency on your side.

Whether you’re securing contracts, bidding for work or funding, or looking to increase the impact of your products, services and equipment, we have a team of specialised military translators ready to help.

Personal documentation

If you or a family member are a member of the military and you require official documents to be translated into other languages, such as when signing a property lease overseas or getting married in another country, we are on hand.

These documents include (but are by no means limited to):

  • Leases
  • Adoption paperwork
  • Marriage licenses
  • Birth certificates
  • Medical documents
  • Educational material

Intelligence information

Military translators are well placed to perform written translations, but also identify, translate and summarise communications. Using foreign language skills, (including an innate knowledge of grammar and both formal and regional vocabularies), our military translators are able to facilitate the effective analysis of intelligence information.

Military manuals

It is no exaggeration to say that precise military translation services have the power to save lives. Take for example the translation of a training manual that concerns emergency medical treatment for wounded soldiers by their peers. A perfect translation is absolutely crucial.

The exact meaning of each and every piece of information must be conveyed, or lives will quite literally be put at risk. For example, if the instruction manual says to hold pressure on a wound for two minutes before moving onto securing an open airway, it is vital for the translation to relay exactly that, without even the slightest deviation.

We appreciate and understand that military services do not partner with just any professional translation operation, which is why we provide word-perfect translation services, every time.

Cultural awareness

Military translators are often responsible for helping military personnel master foreign language familiarisation and cultural awareness, which is key to overseas relations, and therefore of vital importance.

A military branch that is culturally aware exhibits a willingness to develop a multicultural perspective, and thus relationships are improved. Even within the military itself, each branch has its own primary mission, lexicon and set of core values, so translators can be key to establishing and maintaining internal and external bonds.

Beyond relations, cultural awareness also has the power to reduce battlefield friction, as well as improve the military’s ability to accomplish its mission, by providing insight into the intent of the groups in the theatre of war.

In circumstances such as any of these, we are very happy to be of assistance.

The utmost discretion

Confidentiality is at the heart of everything we do at Lingonika Translation, but this is especially true of our military translation services. The security of your document is assured – we follow strict security protocols in order to protect all data from unauthorised access.