Certified sworn translator

Who Is a Certified Translator?

The qualifications you need in order to work as a translator differ from country to country. There is some confusion over what a certified translator actually is because it means different things in different countries. While each country’s approach may differ, certification is, in essence, an official way for a translator to prove the quality of their work.

To work with us translators must have a degree in linguistics, or minimum 5 years proven experience.  We only work with professional translators who are native speakers and subject matter experts in the field in which they are translating. Translators are required to send us their current CV and all relevant diplomas and certificates for the work they want to undertake, pass a test translation and sign a non-disclosure agreement. Additionally, translators who work with us are required to undertake continued professional development.

The Home Office accepts self-certified translations provided by a UK-based translator who belongs to the Association of Translation Companies, or the translator is a member of an official professional organisation such as the Institute of Translation & Interpreting (ITI) or the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIoL).

From-To Limited is a certified member of the Association of Translation Companies, and a member of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies.