Certified Translations You Can Trust

At Lingonika, we’re authorised to provide meticulously verified translations that hold legal weight. Our certified translation services encompass a wide range of legal documents, including marriage and birth certificates, academic records, contracts, and company incorporation papers. You can count on the acceptance of our certified translations by organizations and authorities in the UK.

What Is a Certified Translation?

A certified translation is more than just a translation; it’s an officially recognized and legally accepted rendition of a document. It comes with an accompanying signed statement of truth, provided by the translator or translation company, making it a document of utmost reliability.

Why Opt for Certified Translations?

Certified translations find their significance in various realms, including the legal, immigration, educational, and business domains, where accuracy is paramount. These translations go through a meticulous process to ensure precision.

The Certification Process:

  1. Translation: A qualified translator or translation company undertakes the initial translation.
  2. Proofreading: A second translator reviews the translation for accuracy.
  3. Statement of Truth: The signed statement of truth is then attached to the translated document.

Adding Legitimacy:

To validate the certification, the translator or translation company affixes a signed affidavit, along with a seal or stamp. It’s worth noting that specific jurisdictions might require a notarized certification, which involves slightly different procedures.

Accuracy Matters:

In the world of certified translations, the translator or translation company holds legal responsibility for the precision of the translation. Errors or inaccuracies in a certified translation can have serious consequences.

Qualifications and Expertise:

Translators providing certified translations typically possess specialized qualifications and extensive experience. They are often authorised by government bodies or are members of professional translation associations, ensuring the highest standards of competence.

Lingonika’s Commitment to Quality:

As a certified member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) and a proud member of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies, Lingonika has a well-established reputation for delivering high-quality certified sworn translations. Our translators are experts in their respective fields, equipped with the skills and experience needed to produce translations that meet the most exacting standards. When you choose Lingonika for your certified translations, you’re opting for reliability and peace of mind.