The heat is on. The rise of the overseas market.


In July this year the Telegraph printed an exciting report on the rise of UK exports as businesses delve into non-EU markets. It sourced its information from the ONS and described the successes as ‘world beating’. The British like to think of ourselves as taking an important role in the wider world economy and as a nation we have invented and delivered many exciting new ideas globally. It is a bit of a tradition for the British, a ‘maritime nation’, to continue to explore overseas.

Of course we are still busy within the EU – and although the press like to warn us about the uncertainty of our trading future, as politics and economics bring fresh news stories and debates, one thing is certain: there are big, fresh opportunities out there and the businesses that are quick and keen enough to take advantage of them are the ones that are going to go places. If you are reading this, you are probably one of them already.

Translations agencies and linguists are feeling the benefit of this rise in overseas trade too: your success is our success. We know that you will be seeking to get your message across in a clear and concise way, whether this is on a website, in a brochure or a detailed contract. It seems that the bigger a business grows, the more it needs to localise its content, and world-dominating companies such as as Microsoft are translating into very diverse languages to market their wares.

You may not be aiming to talk in Maya just yet, but if you have got your sights set on the growing markets in the Middle and Far East, for example, or you want to engage in trade in South America, you may want to talk to us first. After all, we share common interests and goals.