AI Named Most Notable Word of 2023 by Collins Dictionary

Hold onto your hats, word enthusiasts! Collins Dictionary has spoken, and the most notable word of 2023 is none other than the two-letter powerhouse, “AI.” In a world where language is constantly evolving, AI has surged to the forefront, dominating conversations and shaping our future.Ā 

But why AI? Well, it’s all about the incredible speed at which this term has permeated our daily discourse. Its usage has quadrupled in the past year, highlighting its undeniable influence on society. In case you’re wondering, AI stands for “artificial intelligence,” which involves computer programs replicating human mental functions. It’s the tech that’s poised to revolutionise the world, whether we’re ready or not. 

But AI wasn’t the only contender in the linguistic battle royale. The Collins team had quite the selection to choose from, including some gems like “greedflation” and “deinfluencing.” “Greedflation” is a sneaky term that describes the use of inflation as an excuse to jack up prices, padding corporate pockets. And speaking of tricky maneuvers, “deinfluencing” is all about using social media to steer your followers away from certain products or lifestyles. 

Let’s not forget the intriguing “nepo baby,” a name for those celebrity offspring whose careers seem to magically take off, thanks to their famous parents. And if you’ve ever felt the need to steer clear of certain commercial products or lifestyle choices, you’ve been “deinfluencing.” 

Collins Dictionary’s lexicographers, who are like language detectives, choose the word of the year based on its impact and prevalence in our day-to-day conversations. They comb through sources, including social media, to unearth the gems. In 2022, it was all about “permacrisis,” and the year before that, “NFT” took centre stage. In 2020, “lockdown” was the undisputed champ, which, given the times, wasn’t much of a surprise. 

But wait, there’s more! Health-related terms also made waves in 2023. “Ultra-processed” foods, those mysterious culinary concoctions prepared using complex industrial methods, gained attention. So did “semaglutide,” an appetite-suppressing medication, with its usage tripling over the past year. 

For our eco-conscious folks, “Ulez” joined the word party, signifying ultra-low emissions zones, especially relevant in the heart of London, where it’s a no-no for pollution-heavy vehicles. 

And sports lovers, you’re in for a treat! “Bazball,” a dynamic style of test cricket inspired by the legendary New Zealand cricketer Brendon “Baz” McCullum, made the cut. Plus, there’s “canon event,” an episode essential for shaping a person’s character, popularised by Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. 

In the words of Alex Beecroft, the managing director of Collins, AI unquestionably stole the spotlight in 2023. It has infiltrated our lives as quickly as email or streaming services, turning science fiction into everyday reality. 

So there you have it, the word of 2023 is a compact two-letter powerhouse that’s changing the way we live, work, and communicate. It’s a reminder that in the world of words, size doesn’t matter; impact does. 

Here’s to a year of linguistic adventures and many more captivating words on the horizon! šŸ“ššŸŽ‰ #WordOfTheYear #AI #LanguageEvolution #CollinsDictionary #Lingonika 

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