Localization is the process of adapting a product or service into the cultural context as well as the customs of a local customer. It is good if this process is preceded by the so called internationalization, meaning the earlier due diligence to ensure that the product or service is adjusted to the new foreign markets.

Areas which require localization include: technical documentation (electronic as well as printed), e-Learning applications, business systems, websites, web applications, training materials, marketing materials, software.
A very important point in localization is the creation of a standardized glossary (upon completion of the translation process). The service requires steady cooperation as well as frequent consultations with the client.

For this reason we ensure:

  • an analysis of the text from the point of view of the target country so that the client is certain that the information regarding their company will be understood easily in the target market. As an example: we were asked to do the localization of advertisements and marketing materials for a company manufacturing fitted carpeting for hospitals. We noted that the background colour (black) is inappropriate, as it is associated with sickness and death in Poland, and not with treatment. We also noted that a different symbol for physicians and hospitals is used in our country;
  • a team of experienced linguists, who possesses the outstanding knowledge of a language, customs as well as specifics of a given language and target country;
  • our translators’ technical knowledge;
  • monitoring of the translation process by the client;
  • cohesive terminology requires a translation memory of the highest quality;
  • a change in the format of telephone numbers, time format, dates, measurements, an analysis and change of graphics that make sense in the source language but are incomprehensible for a recipient from another country.